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Loader Unit

Save space by automatically transferring and loading parts and devices to and from the line.

Scalar Robotic Arms

Translational axis robotic arm used to move components precisely along the X or Y axis.   

Tray Feeder

Fully automated and unmanned method to easily deliver trays to your line. 

Conveyor Module

Secures and precisely positions units with no vibration.

Screw Fastening Unit

Automatiaclly loads screws and drives screws in place. 

6 Axis Robot

Pickup and place components anywhere in 3D space. Ideal for compant cell construction, unpacking, inspection, and assembly of small parts.

Label Pasting Unit

Automatically attaches labels to workpieces. Examples include expiration date AND EXPIRATION DATE? (need help with examples from copy).

Unloader Unit

Module that specializes in unloading and transferring units from the line to any other type of machinery or vehicle.

Transfer Unit

Automatically stack and manage going to or coming off the line.

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