“Overcoming automated production line design challenges with modular units”  

Increasing need for automation and difficulty in implementation 

In addition to the goal of continuous production with stable quality, the need for production line automation has been increasing in recent years due to labor shortages and rising labor costs. On the other hand, the introduction of an automated line requires a comprehensive design that balances quality and productivity, coordinates with related line equipment, and ensures safety.

 Without human resources with experience and knowledge in each field, however, you may end up prolonging the process or doing the entire process all over again. As many companies are suffering from a shortage of workers, it is essential to find a way to efficiently build automated lines.

A manufacturing system that combines the desired functions 

Don’t you have trouble, when you install a new manufacturing system, building a system that fits your product with a clever combination of robots and FA equipment? In order to achieve labor savings, increased productivity and higher quality all together, various hurdles must be overcome during the process from design to operation, including optimization and technical verification. We offer a wide variety of module units that enable you to build a manufacturing system in a short period of time, which will be very effective in design and start-up LT. 
Here are some solutions to help you get your manufacturing system optimized for your products as quickly as possible. 

Building a virtual manufacturing system: Editorial design application 

  • Design lead time: Reduced to 1/3rd of the conventional lead time 
  • Equipment start-up lead time: Reduced by half compared to previous models 
Our proprietary “Editorial Design Application” gives you an ability to design like building blocks for a product you want to manufacture among a number of units. Designers no longer need to select components and calculate dimensions, which greatly reduces design LT. Also, by selecting a camera module, sensor, or other functions to be extended for the unit, you will be able to meet the customer’s detailed requirements and propose a complete facility in one week. 
The simulation enables you to confirm the overall operational flow of the manufacturing systems, so you can achieve “smooth coordination with related facilities” and “optimization of a system through teaching” at the initial stage, thereby reducing the time required for equipment start-up to half. By using SURUGA SEIKI, you can construct an automated line in a short period of time, which you have been doing in-house until now. 


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